Scoring Academy – October

This is a 3-week, 6-session camp held outdoors.  IF the local gym rental restrictions lift we will move the camp indoors.

This is a SCORING Camp.  Learn how to attack your defender, score with the ball, live ball moves, jab series moves, scoring against your defender and how to adjust to rotating help defenders.  We will also work on using screens and reading your defender to create space and advantage.  We will work on perimeter moves, mid-post moves, low post moves, pick/roll execution to score, and scoring in transition off downhill drives.

We will also focus on reading the defense and reacting to rotations, switches, and double teams in various 2-man & 3-man scenarios.


When? Tuesday and Thursday nights in October, 10/13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29.

Time? One Sessions for all ages, separated by court: 

      • 5:00-6:30pm

Where? Castillero Middle School Outdoor Courts

Cost? $180


Covid-19: Parents drop off & pick up their players at the circle drive and parking area adjacent to the courts. Wear a mask to drop off and pick up.

  • We will take your temperature upon your arrival, wear a mask.
  • You will need a signed waiver 
  • We will have ball washing supplies, hand washing supplies, hand sanitizer and wipes but YOU should also bring your own  

Every player will receive a DBA Drive t-shirt, bring your own water and ball for outdoor use! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This camp and all other DBA ACADEMY programs will require the purchase of a reversible jersey.  Our Covid-19 protocols will not allow us to provide scrimmage vests or pinnies and launder them nightly as we usually do.  Instead, you’ll be responsible for your own jersey but once you purchase it you’ll be able to use it for all DBA programs that follow.

Register for all 3 of DBA’s fall programs and receive a free hoody sweatshirt! 

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  2. Fall Break Camp
  3. Scoring Academy October