Developing Your Drive

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DBA sees individual skill development as a key component to our Academy.  We utilize a variety of skill development programs throughout the year.  While we will work on ball-handling, passing, footwork, 1v1 moves, and scoring finishes, we also take special interest in working on the development of shooters.  We work very diligently on shooting form, footwork, range, pull-ups off the dribble, catch and shoot jumpers, free throws, and various other shots and finishes such as floaters, bank shots, and runners.
Denker Basketball Academy Programs that feature Skill Training:
September Splash: Shooting stations and 3v3 games held each Fall
Backyard Basketball: Individual Skill sessions either solo or in groups up to 4
Backyard Basketball Shooting Sessions:  Using the Dr. Dish shooting machine
Skill Training:  Skill sessions during our Winter, Spring, & Summer AAU sessions
Private Lessons: Contact DBA to discuss the option of having 1v1 coaching at your court or a local gym